Is it possible to teach English online?

Opportunities for teaching English online are increasing at a rapid rate as demand for remote learning has rocketed in recent years. This is great news for anyone who wants to teach English but is not in a position to leave home. It can also be a good way to gain some valuable teaching experience before heading overseas to find work. Also, teachers who are already working in a traditional classroom often use online teaching as a convenient way to top up their income.

What do I need to start teaching English online?

It is actually quite easy to get started as an online English teacher as all you really need is a TEFL certificate. By completing the course before you apply for jobs you will demonstrate to potential employers that you are serious about teaching and not just interested in making a quick buck. It will also reassure your students that you have been trained in all the basic skills and knowledge needed to help them improve their language ability. Once TEFL qualified, the only other thing you need is a computer with a good internet connection, a webcam, microphone, and a communication app such as Skype. Depending on your employer, you are also likely to need a convenient way to get paid. The most popular option here is generally PayPal or a similar service.

What options do I have for online English teaching?

If you want the freedom to set your own hours and lesson fees you will need to work on a freelance basis. However, this approach takes a bit of patience as it will probably take a while to build up a client base. As a consequence, most online teachers sign up with an online agency that arranges clients for them. Some teachers even manage to do a bit of both as there are online forums where you can advertise as a freelance teacher, although competition can be strong and those with more experience will usually be at the head of the queue.

How much do online English teachers earn?

Your potential income as an online English teacher will depend on several factors including your qualifications, teaching experience, and the specific services you provide. The typical hourly rate averages between $15 and $30, although you should factor in that an agency might well take a cut out of this if the student pays you rather than the agency. Before choosing an agency to work for it is well worth doing some research to see what other teachers have to say about them as there are many different ones to choose from. Also, never pay any money up front to an online agency to avoid any possible scams out there.

Is it possible to teach English online?