Is a TEFL certificate necessary for teaching English online?

If you want to take advantage of the boom in online English teaching there are several different platforms that are always on the lookout for new teachers. Each provider will have its own requirements for job applicants and increasingly this will often include a TEFL certification. Many of the best online teaching platforms routinely dismiss unqualified teachers under the assumption that they lack the necessary skills required to be an effective online educator. Of course, if you want to start up your own online teaching business you can do so without any specific qualifications, although many potential students might be wary of paying for courses with an unqualified teacher.

Why is having a TEFL certificate so important?

As the popularity of online language lessons has rapidly increased in recent years, so has the number of course providers. In order to appeal to a wide range of students many providers have increased the quality of their teachers in order to stand out among this crowded market. Course providers and students alike now look towards a TEFL Qualification as a mark that the service provided will be of a high quality.

The bottom line is that typically a TEFL certificate will be required if you want to work for a reputable platform that offers its teachers a good rate of pay and comfortable working conditions. It is also worth remembering that completing a TEFL course will equip you with all the knowledge you need to provide a good service for your students which will ultimately lead to increasing success in your own career.

What will a TEFL certificate course teach me?

If you want to become a successful online English teacher there are some specialist skills and a range of specific knowledge you will need in order to pass on what you know to your students. A good quality TEFL course will cover all the main areas of English teaching, including the structures of English grammar (the tense system, conditionals, modals, passive voice etc), and the best ways to teach them in a traditional or virtual classroom. Highly important teaching skills such as lesson planning, teaching methodologies, and classroom management will also be covered in some depth. With these skills and knowledge in your toolbox you will be in a strong position when applying for teaching jobs and you will also be able to provide your future students with the level of instruction they deserve.

Is a TEFL certificate really necessary for teaching English online?

In conclusion, if you want to work for a professional teaching organization, earn a decent income and provide a high standard of instruction to your students, then we believe that a TEFL certification is almost certainly required.