How long are online TEFL courses?

As we offer a range of online courses to meet differing needs the answer to this question varies from one situation to another. Each of our online TEFL courses has its own expected length of study and the pace that you choose to work at will also have a large impact on how long it takes you to complete it.

What is the shortest online TEFL course?

In general, online TEFL courses are a quick and convenient way to gain a teaching qualification. The shortest options can be as little as 40-hours or even less. However, it is worth noting that these short-format courses are unlikely to be sufficient when applying for many paid teaching jobs. They are most beneficial for those looking to teach in a voluntary capacity or anyone who wants to get an initial insight into the basics of EFL teaching.

Will a longer online TEFL course be more useful?

The majority of employers around the world will expect their job applicants to possess a TEFL Qualification of at least 100 hours duration. If you want to land a good teaching job we would recommend our 120-hour TEFL certification course as it includes everything that employers would expect you to know when starting your first paid teaching job. The average completion time for this course option is six to eight weeks, although trainees who are highly motivated could potentially finish it within two weeks.

How long are specialized and advanced online TEFL courses?

As well as our 120-hour online TEFL course, we also provide a range of specialized training courses and an advanced level course that offer a convenient route to enhancing your job prospects. We currently have three 50-hour specialized courses that take around four weeks to complete on average. If you have few other commitments and you are determined to finish your chosen course quickly, it is possible to do so in around a week. Our specialized courses are focused on three of the most popular areas of TEFL: teaching young learners, teaching business English and teaching English online.

If you want to gain an advanced level qualification, our online TESOL diploma course is the option for you. As this is a high-level certification course it has a longer study time than our other course options. The average completion time is around six to eight months, although extremely determined trainees can potentially finish it in one month.

How long will I be given to complete my online TEFL course?

In order to provide a large amount of flexibility, you get to choose the speed at which you work through our online TEFL courses. However, to ensure the initial subjects are still fresh in your mind once you complete the latter stages we have a maximum limit of six months from the day you start your studies. If you choose the TESOL Diploma course you will have up to one year to complete all parts of the course.