How do I know if an online TEFL course is valid?

When it comes to determining the validity of an individual TEFL course it is the overall quality of the course itself rather than the method of study that is important. Whether the course is completed online, in a classroom setting, or by a mixture of the two does not determine if that specific course is of a high standard or if it should be avoided.

What should I look for in a good online TEFL course?

Every good quality online TEFL course should include the most important areas of English language teaching, including teaching methodologies, classroom management skills, lesson planning, and the best ways to evaluate the progress of your students. It should also cover a wide range of English grammar subjects as these form a vital part of any EFL classroom. However, even if a course does include all these elements, it is still hard to judge the quality of the course by its syllabus alone. So how else can you tell a good course from a bad course?

Is accreditation a good way of checking the validity of an online TEFL course?

Checking if the course has any accreditation is a really useful way of gauging the validity of an online TEFL certification. Accreditation simply means that the course has been evaluated by an independent body and they have deemed it worthy of their backing. It is generally very easy to find out if a particular course has any accreditation as it is likely to be prominently displayed on the course providers website. However, it is worth remembering that some unscrupulous providers have been known to advertise accreditation that they are not entitled to, and some even make up a fictitious accreditation body to make their courses look more appealing. If you are suspicious of any accreditation you come across when researching online TEFL courses, it is a good idea to check it out further before you part with your hard-earned cash.

Are there any other things I can do to evaluate an online TEFL course?

It is often a simple and effective plan to do a bit of basic online research to determine whether a training course has a good reputation or not. By looking up the course and its provider in a search engine you should find a number of reviews and opinions from trainees who have first hand experience of taking it. If the majority of the feedback is not good then it is probably best to avoid it, while mainly positive reports should indicate that that specific course is valid and worth your time and money. The bottom line here is that a little bit of time spent researching can save you a whole lot of bother further down the line.

What about ITTT's online TEFL courses?

At ITTT we are confident that our online TEFL courses are among the very best on the market. Our range of online courses are fully accredited and we are also affiliated with several of the most prominent bodies within the world of EFL teaching. For full details check out our accreditations and affiliations page. One of the best ways to determine the quality of a training course is to hear from those who have already completed it, which is why we also recommend you take a look at our TEFL graduates testimonial page for an insight into what our graduates think about their training experience with ITTT.