Does anyone fail an online TEFL course?

As long as you have a good understanding of the English language and you are keen to get your teaching journey underway, there is no reason why you shouldn’t successfully complete your online TEFL certification course. However, as a good quality course requires a serious amount of effort and motivation, it is possible to fail if you do not complete all the required tasks in the maximum time allowed.

What help does ITTT offer to ensure a high pass rate for its online TEFL courses?

Due to the serious nature of our courses it is possible to fail, however, the vast majority of our trainees pass and go on to enjoy great success in classrooms worldwide. At ITTT we provide every individual trainee with all the advice and assistance they require to complete their studies. Thanks to our long history of providing TEFL courses we are able to offer high-quality study materials, plus the optional assistance of experienced trainers and a dedicated support staff. With all these key ingredients in place we are confident that we can provide everything you need to reach your study goals.

Should I choose an online TEFL course with a tutor?

All our online TEFL courses come with the option of an online tutor. To ensure each trainee has the best help possible we only employ highly experienced professional trainers who have plenty of experience of in-class teaching and teacher training. Thanks to this level of expertise, your online tutor can guide you through every step of your training and provide advice and practical assistance whenever you hit a rocky patch or are struggling for motivation.

How will my progress through an online TEFL course be assessed?

To ensure a high level of flexibility and convenience, all our online courses are assessed via regular, automated multiple choice tests that are designed to check your understanding of each individual course unit. Thanks to this system there is no need to sit an end of course exam. Instead, each course concludes with a written task that is assessed by an online tutor. Our level of flexibility is further increased as you get to choose how much and how often you study. As long as you put in enough study to complete the course in the generous time limit provided, you will gain your TEFL certification and be able to go on to teach in the country of your choice.