Do teachers learn another language while Teaching English overseas?

Having the chance to learn a new language is one of the many potential benefits of teaching English abroad. Living and working in a foreign country is the perfect scenario for learning a language as you will be surrounded by its use on a daily basis. By simply going about your day to day business or by taking up optional language lessons you will be in a great position to become fluent during your stay.

Is teaching English abroad a good environment for learning a new language?

Simply by living in a new environment you will be able to pick up some basic language and if you also want formal lessons they are likely to be far cheaper than you would pay in your home country. It is also worth noting that the language you will be exposed to every day will be the authentic language used by native speakers rather than textbook language you might learn in other situations. Exposure to local media such as television, radio and newspapers, as well as everyday conversations with local people should enable you to develop your language skills at a rapid rate. Essentially, you would be hard pressed to find a better environment for learning a new language than teaching English abroad.

Is it possible to learn Chinese while teaching overseas?

Manderin Chinese is a very popular language to learn as it is the most widely used in the world and China is home to the largest market for foreign English teachers. Taiwan is also a great destination for learning Mandarin as the market for TEFL qualified teachers is very strong and the potential salaries are relatively high. If you would prefer to learn Cantonese then you have several destinations to choose from, including Hong Kong, Macau, and parts of Southern China.

Is it possible to learn Arabic while teaching overseas?

Arabic is the most common language spoken in many popular teaching destinations across North Africa and the Middle East. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the two big employers of EFL teachers in the region, although countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, and Oman are also well worth considering.

Is it possible to learn Spanish while teaching overseas?

Spanish is one of the most popular second languages in the world and is spoken as a first language in over twenty different countries. Spain, as the home of the language is the obvious first choice for many as TEFL qualified teachers are very much in demand in most major cities. Latin America also has many great options for teachers looking to learn Spanish, such as Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

Is it possible to learn French while teaching overseas?

French is another language that is spoken widely in many different countries, however, few of these offer much in the way of TEFL related opportunities. The exception is France itself where you will find plenty of job options in the big cities, particularly in the capital Paris.

Is it possible to learn other languages while teaching overseas?

Most languages that you might want to learn will probably have at least one location where there is a good market for TEFL qualified teachers. Japan, South Korea, and Thailand are three of the most popular teaching destinations in Asia and many people choose to learn some of the local language during their stay in order to get a better insight into the culture of their host country. Similarly, Italy and Germany are popular places in Europe to teach English and learn the local language.