Can I teach English abroad anywhere I choose?

One of the bonuses of teaching English as a foreign One of the bonuses of teaching English as a foreign language is that you can choose where in the world you want to live and work. There are options available in all corners of the world which means there should be somewhere to suit every taste. Whether you prefer Barcelona, Bangkok or Bogota, your TEFL certificate is the key to making it your new home. However, as some countries have certain restrictions on who can work as a teacher, it is best to do plenty of research before you make a final decision.

Does nationality matter when applying for TEFL jobs?

In a few countries there are government policies in place that limit TEFL related jobs to teachers from English speaking countries. A small number of individual schools in other countries also have similar regulations. The official definition of an English speaking country is typically the following: The USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Is a university degree needed to get a TEFL job?

Once again, some countries and some individual employers restrict their teaching jobs to people with a degree. It is usually unimportant what subject the degree is in. Despite this, there are still far more countries with no degree requirement than those with such a restriction.

Does my age matter when applying for TEFL jobs?

In some Asian countries in particular, there is a strict retirement age that applies to everyone including foreign English teachers. Typically this means that once you go over the age limit schools will no longer be able to sponsor you for a work permit. This age limit varies from 55 to 65, but is only relevant in a handful of countries.

Does my gender matter when applying for TEFL jobs?

Generally, gender is not an issue within the TEFL world, apart from some countries in the Middle East region where jobs are often restricted to men or women only, depending on the gender of the students in the class.

How long is a typical TEFL contract?

Not all TEFL jobs require a formal contract, but the ones that do will typically be between six months and two years. The vast majority of these will be for one calendar year, or a school year of nine or ten months in some cases.