Can I take an online TEFL course?

As the worldwide demand for TEFL qualified teachers is so high, there are no shortage of options open to virtually all native and near-native English speakers who want to find adventure teaching English abroad. But what qualifications, background and characteristics do you need in order to take an online TEFL course?

Is the attitude of the trainee important when taking an online TEFL course?

Having the right attitude is probably the most important aspect of taking an online TEFL course. As studying any course online requires a certain level of commitment in both time and effort, attributes such as enthusiasm, motivation and determination are all essential if you want to get the most from your training. If you are fully committed to completing your chosen course and starting a new adventure as an EFL teacher, you should have little trouble reaching your goals.

Are my English language skills important when taking an online TEFL course?

It should really go without saying that you need a good understanding of the English language if you want to become an effective EFL teacher. However, this does not mean that teaching jobs are restricted to native English speakers only. Although a few countries have restrictions on employing non-native English speakers in their schools, there are far more areas worldwide where no such restrictions are in place. If you are a fluent English speaker, we are happy to welcome you on any of our courses and once graduated you will be well placed to find a good quality teaching job at home or abroad.

Is my academic background important when taking an online TEFL course?

Although you will find that some employers only hire teachers with a full degree, this is by no means the norm and there are many opportunities out there for people without any formal qualifications. As long as you are TEFL certified you will be able to find a teaching job in most parts of the world. Similarly, we have no particular interest in your academic background when signing up for one of our courses. As long as you are fluent in English and ready to commit to the training you are welcome to join us.

Is my age relevant when taking an online TEFL course?

We do not believe that age should be a barrier to any ambition in life which is why we welcome people of any age over 18 onto our TEFL courses. We regularly welcome people from all age groups as there are always jobs available across the world for TEFL qualified teachers of all shapes and sizes. In some of the most crowded teaching markets it is possible that older teachers might find the competition a bit tougher, but generally speaking employers in most areas prefer to hire their teachers based on merit rather than other factors.

Will I encounter any restrictions when applying for TEFL jobs?

Although we have few restrictions on who is eligible for our courses, it is worth remembering that individual countries and employers often have differing rules when it comes to hiring foreign EFL teachers. In some countries it is necessary to have a degree in order to gain a work permit, while others might only provide work visas to teachers who are native English speakers. If you have any doubts it is best to check the visa situation in your preferred countries before you make any firm plans. The most important thing is not to lose heart if one or more of your top picks proves to be off limits as there are always plenty of other great destinations out there where a TEFL certification is the most important requirement when applying for teaching jobs.