Can I get a TEFL job in South Korea via the EPIK program?

EPIK stands for the English Program in Korea, which is a government recruitment program that places foreign teachers into public schools throughout South Korea. Although there are several similar programs around the world, EPIK is probably the most popular as participants receive a good salary and a range of extra benefits, as well as the opportunity to live and work in one of the most fascinating countries in Asia. Every year the program places in the region of 1,000 teachers into schools across the country.

If this sounds like the kind of program you are looking for, we recommend you contact our TEFL recruitment partner Reach To Teach as they are an official partner of the EPIK program. Reach To Teach work closely with the Korean Ministry of Education throughout the annual recruitment process.

What do I need to apply for the EPIK Program?

To be eligible for the EPIK program you must be a native English speaker from one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the U.K, or the U.S. A degree is required and you will also need to prove you have a clean criminal record. On top of these basic requirements, every applicant needs at least one of the following:

  • TEFL certification of 100 hours or more (preference is given to those with a teaching practice component)
  • BA or MA Degree in Education with a major in teaching, TESOL, second language studies, or education
  • Teaching license gained in your home country
  • One year of full time teaching experience

What does the EPIK Program involve?

If you are accepted on the program you will need to sign a one year contract that either runs from the end of February or the end of August. During your placement a typical working day should be 8:40 a.m. to 4:40 p.m, Monday to Friday. The weekends are normally free. Within this framework you will be required to actually teach in the classroom for approximately 22 hours per week.

Where will my placement be on the EPIK Program?

During the application process you are able to give a preference for the location of your placement, although these are dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis which means you could realistically be placed anywhere in the country. You could be placed in a single primary or secondary school, or you might be required to work in more than one school in your designated area. If you have a strong preference for one area you need to get your application in as early as possible to have the best chance of getting the location you want. For further information please visit the official EPIK website.

What benefits does the EPIK Program offer?

Successful applicants will receive a generous benefit package that includes the following:

  • Salary based on qualifications and experience ranging from 1.8 to 2.7 million KRW (currently $1,600 to $2,400 US) per month
  • Fully furnished accommodation (not including utilities)
  • Paid airfare in an out of the country
  • 300,000 KRW settlement allowance
  • 18 days paid leave plus all national holidays
  • One month salary bonus on completion of contract

Can I get a TEFL job in South Korea via the EPIK program?