Can I get a TEFL job in Georgia via the Teach and Learn with Georgia Program?

The Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG) program has been in operation since 2010 with the aim of promoting foreign language skills and increasing ties with other countries. The TLG Program is sponsored by the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science, who are keen to recruit native English, French and German speakers to teach in the state school system on a voluntary basis. Language teaching is the main focus of the program, although cultural exchange is also an important part of the overall scheme.

What does the Teach and Learn with Georgia Program involve?

The TLG program is open to all native speakers of English, French and German who have an interest in helping young learners in an unfamiliar environment. Participants will be given a one-year contract and will work alongside a local teacher in schools at the primary level. On average you will work for around 30 hours per week from Monday to Friday, with the time spent teaching, planning lessons and taking part in various extracurricular activities. A further three hours per week teaching the local family that you live with during the program is also expected.

What do I need to apply for the Teach and Learn with Georgia Program?

To be eligible for the program applicants require a BA/BS in education, linguistics or similar, or a BA/BS in any other subject plus some level of teaching experience. It is also possible to apply if you are in your final year of a bachelor's degree in education, linguistics, or similar. On top of these basic requirements, you will also need to provide a clean criminal record and a health check. If your application is for the French or German program you will need to have an English language ability that is equivalent to the B1 level of the Common European Framework of reference for Languages. Other strengths such as teaching qualifications, classroom or voluntary experience with young people etc will all go in your favor when your application is reviewed. For the current requirements and more in-depth information please visit the official TLG website.

What benefits does the Teach and Learn with Georgia Program offer?

As the TLG Program is volunteer based, you should not apply if you are looking to earn a big salary. The main benefit of the program is the opportunity it provides to gain valuable classroom experience and to gain personal fulfillment by helping young learners from a different culture to realise their potential. The stated benefits of the program are:

  • Monthly stipend of 750 GEL (400 GEL after tax and host family deduction)
  • Paid airfare in and out of Georgia
  • Room and board with a host family
  • Medical insurance
  • Paid winter holidays

Can I get a TEFL job in Georgia via the Teach and Learn with Georgia Program?